libosmscout  0.1
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Logger.h File Reference
#include <osmscout/CoreFeatures.h>
#include <osmscout/CoreImportExport.h>
#include <ostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <osmscout/util/StopClock.h>


class  osmscout::ConsoleLogger
 The console logger extends the StreamLogger by assigning std::cout for normal loging output and std::cerr for error output. More...
class  osmscout::Log
 Simple logging proxy object that encapsulates one exchangeable global logger instance. More...
class  osmscout::Logger
 A logger is a special output stream. More...
class  osmscout::Logger::Destination
 Abstract base class for printing log information to a specific output sink. More...
class  osmscout::Logger::Line
 A log consists of a number of lines. More...
class  osmscout::NoOpLogger
 Special Logger that just does not output the logged information. More...
class  osmscout::StreamLogger
 The StreamLogger allows to direct logging output to a standard library std::ostream. More...


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Log osmscout::log
 The one an donly global instance of the logger that should get used for all logging output. More...