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osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic Struct Reference

Structure used for internal statistic collection. More...

#include <MapPainter.h>

Public Member Functions

 DataStatistic ()

Public Attributes

size_t areaCount
 Number of Area objects. More...
size_t coordCount
 Number of coordinates. More...
size_t iconCount
 Number of icons. More...
size_t labelCount
 Number of labels. More...
size_t nodeCount
 Number of Node objects. More...
size_t objectCount
 Sum of nodeCount, wayCount, areaCont. More...
TypeInfoRef type
 Type. More...
size_t wayCount
 Number of Way objects. More...

Detailed Description

Structure used for internal statistic collection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::DataStatistic ( )

Member Data Documentation

size_t osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::areaCount

Number of Area objects.

size_t osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::coordCount

Number of coordinates.

size_t osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::iconCount

Number of icons.

size_t osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::labelCount

Number of labels.

size_t osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::nodeCount

Number of Node objects.

size_t osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::objectCount

Sum of nodeCount, wayCount, areaCont.

TypeInfoRef osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::type


size_t osmscout::MapPainter::DataStatistic::wayCount

Number of Way objects.

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