libosmscout offers applications simple, high-level interfaces to offline rendering and routing functionalities based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) data.

It does so by preprocessing *.osm data files and generating platform independent compact binary data and index files for fast access.

The high level API offers simple datatypes and methods to fetch data based on these datatypes for use in map drawing, location of POIs and routing.

It also offers code for drawing maps (currently using cairo) base on these information.

The goals of libosmscout are:


For other irregular progress news follow the blog entries regarding libosmscout at http://framstag.wordpress.com/.


06.03.2012:Updated feature status and download page.
03.01.2012:Updated feature status.
01.02.2010:Updated feature status, updated screenshots (video still old).
02.08.2009:Initial setup of webpages.