libosmscout  0.1
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LocationService.h File Reference
#include <list>
#include <memory>
#include <osmscout/Database.h>
#include <osmscout/Location.h>
#include <osmscout/util/StringMatcher.h>
#include <osmscout/util/Breaker.h>


class  osmscout::LocationFormSearchParameter
 Parameter object for form based search of a location. More...
class  osmscout::LocationSearchResult
 The result of a location query. More...
class  osmscout::LocationSearchResult::Entry
class  osmscout::LocationService
 The LocationService offers a number of methods for location lookup ( search for a certain location by its name) and location reverse lookup (retrieve the name of a location). More...
class  osmscout::LocationStringSearchParameter
 Parameter object for string pattern based search for a location or a POI. More...
class  osmscout::POIFormSearchParameter
 Parameter object for form based search of a POI (point of interest) More...


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typedef std::shared_ptr
< LocationService > 
 Reference counted reference to a location service instance. More...