libosmscout  0.1
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MapPainterCairo.cpp File Reference
#include <osmscout/MapPainterCairo.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <limits>
#include <list>
#include <osmscout/LoaderPNG.h>
#include <osmscout/system/Assert.h>
#include <osmscout/system/Math.h>


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static double * osmscout::CalculatePathSegmentLengths (cairo_path_t *path)
 Calculate an array of double for the path, that contains the length of each path segment. More...
static double osmscout::CalculatePointDistance (cairo_path_data_t *a, cairo_path_data_t *b)
static void osmscout::DrawContourLabelCairo (cairo_t *draw, cairo_path_t *path, double offset, double textHeight, const std::string &text)
static void osmscout::MapPathOnPath (cairo_t *draw, cairo_path_t *srcPath, cairo_path_t *dstPath, double xOffset, double yOffset)
static void osmscout::PathPointTransformer (double &x, double &y, cairo_path_t *path, const double *pathSegmentLengths)
 Project a point X,Y onto a parameterized path. More...
static void osmscout::TransformPathOntoPath (cairo_path_t *srcPath, cairo_path_t *dstPath, double *pathSegmentLengths, double xOffset, double yOffset)
 Project a path using a function. More...