libosmscout  0.1
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ObjectRef.h File Reference
#include <osmscout/CoreImportExport.h>
#include <string>
#include <osmscout/OSMScoutTypes.h>
#include <osmscout/system/Compiler.h>


class  osmscout::ObjectFileRef
 Reference to an libosmscout internal object by its type (area, way, node) and by its file offset within its data file. More...
class  osmscout::ObjectFileRefByFileOffsetComparator
 Comparator to sort ObjectFileRefs strictly by increasing file offset. More...
class  osmscout::ObjectOSMRef
 Reference to an OSM object by its type (Node, Way, Relation) and its OSM object id. More...


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enum  osmscout::OSMRefType { osmscout::osmRefNone = 0, osmscout::osmRefNode = 1, osmscout::osmRefWay = 2, osmscout::osmRefRelation = 3 }
enum  osmscout::RefType { osmscout::refNone = 0, osmscout::refNode = 1, osmscout::refArea = 2, osmscout::refWay = 3 }