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osmscout::AdminRegion Class Reference

A named administrative region. More...

#include <Location.h>


class  RegionAlias

Public Member Functions

bool Match (const ObjectFileRef &object) const

Public Attributes

std::vector< RegionAliasaliases
 The list of alias for this region. More...
std::string aliasName
 Additional optional alias name. More...
ObjectFileRef aliasObject
 Additional optional alias reference. More...
std::vector< FileOffsetchildrenOffsets
 The list of child region offset. More...
FileOffset dataOffset
 Offset of the data part of this entry. More...
std::string name
 name of the region More...
ObjectFileRef object
 The object that represents this region. More...
FileOffset parentRegionOffset
 Offset of the parent region index entry. More...
std::vector< PostalAreapostalAreas
FileOffset regionOffset
 Offset of this entry in the index. More...

Detailed Description

A named administrative region.

It is used to build up hierarchical, structured containment information like "Streets in City". Most of the time an administrative region is just the area of a city, but depending on the data quality it may also be parts of the city or bigger administrative regions like states.

AdminRegions are currently returned by Database.GetMatchingAdminRegions() using the CityStreetIndex.

Member Function Documentation

bool osmscout::AdminRegion::Match ( const ObjectFileRef object) const

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<RegionAlias> osmscout::AdminRegion::aliases

The list of alias for this region.

Referenced by Match().

std::string osmscout::AdminRegion::aliasName

Additional optional alias name.

ObjectFileRef osmscout::AdminRegion::aliasObject

Additional optional alias reference.

Referenced by Match().

std::vector<FileOffset> osmscout::AdminRegion::childrenOffsets

The list of child region offset.

FileOffset osmscout::AdminRegion::dataOffset

Offset of the data part of this entry.

std::string osmscout::AdminRegion::name

name of the region

ObjectFileRef osmscout::AdminRegion::object

The object that represents this region.

FileOffset osmscout::AdminRegion::parentRegionOffset

Offset of the parent region index entry.

Referenced by osmscout::LocationIndex::ResolveAdminRegionHierachie().

std::vector<PostalArea> osmscout::AdminRegion::postalAreas
FileOffset osmscout::AdminRegion::regionOffset

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