libosmscout  0.1
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osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL Class Reference

#include <MapPainterOpenGL.h>

Public Member Functions

void DrawMap ()
osmscout::GeoCoord GetCenter ()
bool IsVisibleArea (const Projection &projection, const GeoBox &boundingBox, double pixelOffset)
void LoadData (const osmscout::MapData &data, const osmscout::MapParameter &parameter, const osmscout::Projection &projection, const osmscout::StyleConfigRef &styleConfig)
 MapPainterOpenGL (int width, int height, double dpi, int screenWidth, int screenHeight)
void OnTranslation (int startPointX, int startPointY, int endPointX, int endPointY)
void OnZoom (float zoomDirection)
bool PixelToGeo (double x, double y, double &lon, double &lat)
void SwapData ()
 ~MapPainterOpenGL ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::MapPainterOpenGL ( int  width,
int  height,
double  dpi,
int  screenWidth,
int  screenHeight 
osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::~MapPainterOpenGL ( )

Member Function Documentation

void osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::DrawMap ( )
osmscout::GeoCoord osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::GetCenter ( )
bool osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::IsVisibleArea ( const Projection projection,
const GeoBox &  boundingBox,
double  pixelOffset 
void osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::LoadData ( const osmscout::MapData &  data,
const osmscout::MapParameter parameter,
const osmscout::Projection projection,
const osmscout::StyleConfigRef styleConfig 
void osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::OnTranslation ( int  startPointX,
int  startPointY,
int  endPointX,
int  endPointY 
void osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::OnZoom ( float  zoomDirection)
bool osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::PixelToGeo ( double  x,
double  y,
double &  lon,
double &  lat 
void osmscout::MapPainterOpenGL::SwapData ( )

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