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osmscout::Place Class Reference

A Place description a certain place in respect to the location index. More...

#include <Location.h>

Public Member Functions

AddressRef GetAddress () const
AdminRegionRef GetAdminRegion () const
std::string GetDisplayString () const
 Returns a textual representation of the place in. More...
LocationRef GetLocation () const
ObjectFileRef GetObject () const
FeatureValueBufferRef GetObjectFeatures () const
POIRef GetPOI () const
PostalAreaRef GetPostalArea () const
 Place (const ObjectFileRef &object, const FeatureValueBufferRef objectFeatureBuff, const AdminRegionRef &adminRegion, const PostalAreaRef &postalArea, const POIRef &poi, const LocationRef &location, const AddressRef &address)

Detailed Description

A Place description a certain place in respect to the location index.

A place consists on certain optional attributes, that in turn describe certain aspects.

  • object: A reference to the object that is described by the place
  • adminRegion: The hierarchical administrative region the object is in (normally the City)
  • poi: Additional information, if the object is an POI
  • location: The location the place is at (normally the street)
  • address: The address of the object in respect to the location (normally the house number)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::Place::Place ( const ObjectFileRef object,
const FeatureValueBufferRef  objectFeatureBuff,
const AdminRegionRef adminRegion,
const PostalAreaRef postalArea,
const POIRef poi,
const LocationRef location,
const AddressRef address 

Member Function Documentation

AddressRef osmscout::Place::GetAddress ( ) const
AdminRegionRef osmscout::Place::GetAdminRegion ( ) const
std::string osmscout::Place::GetDisplayString ( ) const

Returns a textual representation of the place in.


References osmscout::UTF8StringToLocaleString().

Referenced by osmscout::LocationInfoModel::onLocationDescription().

LocationRef osmscout::Place::GetLocation ( ) const
ObjectFileRef osmscout::Place::GetObject ( ) const
FeatureValueBufferRef osmscout::Place::GetObjectFeatures ( ) const
POIRef osmscout::Place::GetPOI ( ) const
PostalAreaRef osmscout::Place::GetPostalArea ( ) const

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