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osmscout::SilentProgress Class Reference

#include <Progress.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for osmscout::SilentProgress:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~SilentProgress () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from osmscout::Progress
virtual void Debug (const std::string &text)
virtual void Error (const std::string &text)
virtual void Info (const std::string &text)
bool OutputDebug () const
virtual void SetAction (const std::string &action)
void SetOutputDebug (bool outputDebug)
virtual void SetProgress (double current, double total)
virtual void SetProgress (unsigned int current, unsigned int total)
virtual void SetProgress (unsigned long current, unsigned long total)
virtual void SetProgress (unsigned long long current, unsigned long long total)
virtual void SetStep (const std::string &step)
virtual void Warning (const std::string &text)
virtual ~Progress ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from osmscout::Progress
 Progress ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::SilentProgress::~SilentProgress ( )

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