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osmscout::StyleDescriptor Class Reference

Holds Meta information and technical description of a style. More...

#include <StyleDescription.h>

Inherited by osmscout::BorderStyleDescriptor, osmscout::FillStyleDescriptor, osmscout::IconStyleDescriptor, osmscout::LineStyleDescriptor, osmscout::PathShieldStyleDescriptor, osmscout::PathSymbolStyleDescriptor, osmscout::PathTextStyleDescriptor, and osmscout::TextStyleDescriptor.

Public Member Functions

StyleAttributeDescriptorRef GetAttribute (const std::string &name) const

Protected Member Functions

void AddAttribute (const StyleAttributeDescriptorRef &attribute)

Detailed Description

Holds Meta information and technical description of a style.

It currently holds a list of parameters and their types. It also allows to assign type safe values to a given style object.

Member Function Documentation

void osmscout::StyleDescriptor::AddAttribute ( const StyleAttributeDescriptorRef attribute)
StyleAttributeDescriptorRef osmscout::StyleDescriptor::GetAttribute ( const std::string &  name) const

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