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osmscout::StyleFilter Class Reference

Holds the all accumulated filter conditions as defined in the style sheet for a style. More...

#include <StyleConfig.h>

Public Member Functions

StyleFilterAddFeature (size_t featureFilterIndex)
bool FiltersByFeature () const
bool FiltersByType () const
const std::set< size_t > & GetFeatures () const
size_t GetMaxLevel () const
size_t GetMinLevel () const
bool GetOneway () const
const SizeConditionRefGetSizeCondition () const
bool HasMaxLevel () const
bool HasType (const TypeInfoRef &type) const
StyleFilterSetMaxLevel (size_t level)
StyleFilterSetMinLevel (size_t level)
StyleFilterSetOneway (bool oneway)
StyleFilterSetSizeCondition (const SizeConditionRef &condition)
StyleFilterSetTypes (const TypeInfoSet &types)
 StyleFilter ()
 StyleFilter (const StyleFilter &other)

Detailed Description

Holds the all accumulated filter conditions as defined in the style sheet for a style.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::StyleFilter::StyleFilter ( )
osmscout::StyleFilter::StyleFilter ( const StyleFilter other)

Member Function Documentation

StyleFilter & osmscout::StyleFilter::AddFeature ( size_t  featureFilterIndex)
bool osmscout::StyleFilter::FiltersByFeature ( ) const
const std::set<size_t>& osmscout::StyleFilter::GetFeatures ( ) const
size_t osmscout::StyleFilter::GetMaxLevel ( ) const
size_t osmscout::StyleFilter::GetMinLevel ( ) const
bool osmscout::StyleFilter::GetOneway ( ) const
const SizeConditionRef& osmscout::StyleFilter::GetSizeCondition ( ) const
bool osmscout::StyleFilter::HasMaxLevel ( ) const
StyleFilter & osmscout::StyleFilter::SetMaxLevel ( size_t  level)
StyleFilter & osmscout::StyleFilter::SetMinLevel ( size_t  level)
StyleFilter & osmscout::StyleFilter::SetOneway ( bool  oneway)
StyleFilter & osmscout::StyleFilter::SetSizeCondition ( const SizeConditionRef condition)

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