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osmscout::WebsiteFeature Class Reference

#include <TypeFeatures.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for osmscout::WebsiteFeature:

Public Member Functions

FeatureValueAllocateValue (void *buffer)
std::string GetName () const
 Returns the name of the feature. More...
size_t GetValueSize () const
 A feature, if set for an object, can hold a value. More...
void Initialize (TypeConfig &typeConfig)
 Does further initialization based on the current TypeConfig. More...
void Parse (TagErrorReporter &reporter, const TypeConfig &typeConfig, const FeatureInstance &feature, const ObjectOSMRef &object, const TagMap &tags, FeatureValueBuffer &buffer) const
 WebsiteFeature ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from osmscout::Feature
void AddDescription (const std::string &languageCode, const std::string &description)
 Add a description of the feature for the given language code. More...
 Feature ()
std::string GetDescription (const std::string &languageCode) const
 Returns the description for the given language code. More...
const std::unordered_map
< std::string, std::string > & 
GetDescriptions () const
virtual size_t GetFeatureBitCount () const
 This method returns the number of additional feature bits reserved. More...
bool GetLabelIndex (const std::string &labelName, size_t &index) const
 Returns the index of the label with the given name. More...
virtual bool HasLabel () const
 Returns 'true' if the feature provides labels. More...
virtual bool HasValue () const
 Returns 'true' if the feature has an value object. More...
virtual ~Feature ()=default

Static Public Attributes

static const char *const NAME = "Website"
 Name of this feature. More...
static const char *const NAME_LABEL
 Name of the "name" label. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from osmscout::Feature
size_t RegisterLabel (const std::string &labelName, size_t index)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::WebsiteFeature::WebsiteFeature ( )

Member Function Documentation

FeatureValue * osmscout::WebsiteFeature::AllocateValue ( void *  buffer)

Reimplemented from osmscout::Feature.

std::string osmscout::WebsiteFeature::GetName ( ) const

Returns the name of the feature.

Implements osmscout::Feature.

References NAME.

size_t osmscout::WebsiteFeature::GetValueSize ( ) const

A feature, if set for an object, can hold a value.

If there is no value object, this method returns 0, else it returns the C++ size of the value object.

Reimplemented from osmscout::Feature.

void osmscout::WebsiteFeature::Initialize ( TypeConfig typeConfig)

Does further initialization based on the current TypeConfig.

For example it registers Tags (and stores their TagId) for further processing.

Implements osmscout::Feature.

References osmscout::TypeConfig::RegisterTag().

void osmscout::WebsiteFeature::Parse ( TagErrorReporter reporter,
const TypeConfig typeConfig,
const FeatureInstance feature,
const ObjectOSMRef object,
const TagMap tags,
FeatureValueBuffer buffer 
) const

Member Data Documentation

const char *const osmscout::WebsiteFeature::NAME = "Website"

Name of this feature.

Referenced by GetName(), osmscout::TypeConfig::RegisterType(), and WebsiteFeature().

const char* const osmscout::WebsiteFeature::NAME_LABEL

Name of the "name" label.

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