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osmscout::ost::Parser Class Reference

#include <Parser.h>

Public Member Functions

std::string Destring (const char *str)
void FEATURE ()
void FEATUREDESCS (Feature &feature)
void FEATURES ()
void GRADE ()
void GRADES ()
void GROUPS (TypeInfo &typeInfo)
void IDENT (std::string &value)
void MAXSPEED ()
void OST ()
void Parse ()
 Parser (Scanner *scanner, TypeConfig &config)
void PATH (TypeInfo &typeInfo)
void SemErr (const char *msg)
void STRING (std::string &value)
void TAGANDCOND (TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGBINCOND (TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGBOOLCOND (TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGCONDITION (TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGEQUALSCOND (const std::string &tagName, TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGEXISTSCOND (TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGGREATERCOND (const std::string &tagName, TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGGREATEREQUALCOND (const std::string &tagName, TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGISINCOND (const std::string &tagName, TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGLESSCOND (const std::string &tagName, TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGLESSEQUALCOND (const std::string &tagName, TagConditionRef &condition)
void TAGNOTEQUALSCOND (const std::string &tagName, TagConditionRef &condition)
void TYPE ()
void TYPEDESCS (TypeInfo &typeInfo)
void TYPEFEATURE (TypeInfo &typeInfo)
void TYPEKIND (unsigned char &types)
void TYPEKINDS (unsigned char &types)
void TYPEOPTION (TypeInfo &typeInfo)
void TYPEOPTIONS (TypeInfo &typeInfo)
void TYPES ()
void UINT (size_t &value)
 ~Parser ()

Public Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::ost::Parser::Parser ( Scanner scanner,
TypeConfig config 

References errors.

osmscout::ost::Parser::~Parser ( )

References errors.

Member Function Documentation

std::string osmscout::ost::Parser::Destring ( const char *  str)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::FEATURE ( )
void osmscout::ost::Parser::FEATUREDESCS ( Feature feature)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::FEATURES ( )

References FEATURE().

Referenced by OST().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::GRADE ( )
void osmscout::ost::Parser::GRADES ( )

References GRADE().

Referenced by OST().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::GROUPS ( TypeInfo typeInfo)

References osmscout::TypeInfo::AddGroup(), and IDENT().

Referenced by TYPE().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::IDENT ( std::string &  value)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::MAXSPEED ( )
void osmscout::ost::Parser::MAXSPEEDS ( )

References MAXSPEED().

Referenced by OST().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::OST ( )

References FEATURES(), GRADES(), MAXSPEEDS(), and TYPES().

Referenced by Parse().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::Parse ( )
void osmscout::ost::Parser::SemErr ( const char *  msg)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::STRING ( std::string &  value)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGANDCOND ( TagConditionRef condition)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGBINCOND ( TagConditionRef condition)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGBOOLCOND ( TagConditionRef condition)


Referenced by TAGANDCOND().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGCONDITION ( TagConditionRef condition)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGEQUALSCOND ( const std::string &  tagName,
TagConditionRef condition 
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGEXISTSCOND ( TagConditionRef condition)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGGREATERCOND ( const std::string &  tagName,
TagConditionRef condition 
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGGREATEREQUALCOND ( const std::string &  tagName,
TagConditionRef condition 
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGISINCOND ( const std::string &  tagName,
TagConditionRef condition 
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGLESSCOND ( const std::string &  tagName,
TagConditionRef condition 
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGLESSEQUALCOND ( const std::string &  tagName,
TagConditionRef condition 
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TAGNOTEQUALSCOND ( const std::string &  tagName,
TagConditionRef condition 
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TYPE ( )
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TYPEDESCS ( TypeInfo typeInfo)

References osmscout::TypeInfo::AddDescription(), IDENT(), and STRING().

Referenced by TYPE().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::TYPEFEATURE ( TypeInfo typeInfo)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TYPEKIND ( unsigned char &  types)
void osmscout::ost::Parser::TYPEKINDS ( unsigned char &  types)

References TYPEKIND().

Referenced by TYPE().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::TYPEOPTIONS ( TypeInfo typeInfo)

References TYPEOPTION().

Referenced by TYPE().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::TYPES ( )

References TYPE().

Referenced by OST().

void osmscout::ost::Parser::UINT ( size_t &  value)

Member Data Documentation

Errors* osmscout::ost::Parser::errors

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