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Classes for integration osmscout library with Qt framework. More...


struct  AccumulatorEvent
class  AvailableMapsModel
 Tree model with maps available by configured providers (see Settings::GetMapProviders). More...
class  AvailableMapsModelDir
 Model item representing directory in AvailableMapsModel. More...
class  AvailableMapsModelItem
 Abstract model item used in AvailableMapsModel. More...
class  AvailableMapsModelMap
 Model item representing map in AvailableMapsModel. More...
struct  DatabaseLoadedResponse
class  DBInstance
 Instance of one osmscout database and database specific objects. More...
class  DBJob
class  DBThread
 Abstract object that manage osmscout database intances (DBInstance) and provides simple thread-safe, asynchronous api for it. More...
class  DragHandler
 InputHandler with support of dragg gesture. More...
class  InputHandler
 Input handler retrieve all inputs from user and may change MapView (emits viewChange signal). More...
class  JumpHandler
 Input handler that animates jumps to target map view. More...
class  LocationEntry
 Qt abstraction for various objects on map, used for search and routing. More...
class  LocationInfoModel
class  LocationListModel
class  LockHandler
 Input handler that locks map view to current position. More...
class  LookupModule
class  MapDownloadJob
 Utility class for downloading map database described by AvailableMapsModelMap over http. More...
class  MapDownloadsModel
 QML list model with currently downloaded maps. More...
class  MapManager
 Manager of map databases. More...
class  MapObjectInfoModel
class  MapProvider
class  MapStyleModel
class  MapView
 Object thats carry information about view center, angle and magnification. More...
class  MapWidget
 Qt Quick widget for displaying map. More...
class  MoveAccumulator
 Helper class that accumulates move (touch events) within some time period (time defined FIFO queue). More...
class  MoveHandler
 Handler with support of simple moves and zoom. More...
class  MultitouchHandler
 InputHandler with support of multitouch input. More...
struct  ObjectKey
class  OnlineTileProvider
 Online tile provider object. More...
class  OnlineTileProviderModel
 Provide Qt model with loaded online tile providers (see Settings::loadOnlineTileProviders). More...
class  OSMScoutQt
class  OSMScoutQtBuilder
class  OsmTileDownloader
class  QBreaker
class  QmlSettings
 Provides interface to Settings object from QML. More...
struct  RenderMapRequest
struct  RequestState
class  Router
struct  RouteSelection
class  RouteStep
class  RoutingListModel
class  Settings
 Settings provides central point mutable configuration of OSMScout library. More...
class  StyleError
class  StyleFlagsModel
class  TapRecognizer
 Simple class for recognizing some basic gestures: tap, double tap, long-tap and tap-and-hold. More...
class  TileCache
 Cache have to be locked by its mutex() while access. More...
struct  TileCacheKey
struct  TileCacheVal


typedef std::shared_ptr
< LookupModule
typedef std::shared_ptr
< MapManager
typedef std::shared_ptr
< OSMScoutQtBuilder
typedef std::shared_ptr< SettingsSettingsRef


enum  RenderingType { PlaneRendering = 0, TiledRendering = 1 }


static const double GRAD_TO_RAD = 2 * M_PI / 360
 Util class with function useful for work with OSM tiles (mercator projection) as defined here: More...

Detailed Description

Classes for integration osmscout library with Qt framework.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::shared_ptr<LookupModule> LookupModuleRef
typedef std::shared_ptr<MapManager> MapManagerRef
typedef std::shared_ptr<OSMScoutQtBuilder> OSMScoutQtBuilderRef
typedef std::shared_ptr<Settings> SettingsRef

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const double GRAD_TO_RAD = 2 * M_PI / 360

Util class with function useful for work with OSM tiles (mercator projection) as defined here:

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Referenced by TiledMapRenderer::RenderMap().