Map rendering


Feature Status Comments
Qt backend OK
cairo backend OK
agg backend OK Drawing of images is missing
OpenGL backend Initial Proof of concept, uses old OpenGL primitives
SVG backend Initial Proof of concept

Map drawing

Feature Status Comments
Style sheet support OK
Draw nodes OK
Draw ways OK
Draw multiple lines for way OK Render multiple lines with different styles for one way
Draw labels on top of way OK E.g. render street names
Draw plates on top of way OK E.g. render motorway numbers
Draw areas OK
Handle layers OK
Style sheet filter for bridge and tunnel OK
Draw symbols OK Simple API to draw geometrical objects like arrows, boxes, crosses
Draw external images OK We support loading and caching of PNGs for the cairo and Qt backend. We should support for formats.
Define font OK Current one font type support, style sheet allows to use different font sizes
Render depending on zoom level OK Style sheet allows filtering based on zoom level
Advanced language support OK UTF-8 is support, advanced text rendering used if supported by backend
Label priority OK More important labels are render befor less important ones
Merge labels Initial Improved handling of closed by labels with same value, e.g. two parallel lanes for the same highway
Reposition labels Missing Move labels slightly for improved appearance
Draw turn restrictions Missing