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osmscout::IconStyle Class Reference

Index selectors by type and level. More...

#include <StyleConfig.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for osmscout::IconStyle:

Public Types

enum  Attribute { attrSymbol, attrIconName, attrPosition }

Public Member Functions

void CopyAttributes (const IconStyle &other, const std::set< Attribute > &attributes)
size_t GetIconId () const
std::string GetIconName () const
size_t GetPosition () const
const SymbolRefGetSymbol () const
 IconStyle ()
 IconStyle (const IconStyle &style)
bool IsVisible () const
IconStyleSetIconId (size_t id)
IconStyleSetIconName (const std::string &iconName)
IconStyleSetPosition (size_t position)
void SetStringValue (int attribute, const std::string &value)
IconStyleSetSymbol (const SymbolRef &symbol)
void SetSymbolValue (int attribute, const SymbolRef &value)
void SetUIntValue (int attribute, size_t value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from osmscout::Style
virtual void SetBoolValue (int attribute, bool value)
virtual void SetColorValue (int attribute, const Color &value)
virtual void SetDoubleArrayValue (int attribute, const std::vector< double > &value)
virtual void SetDoubleValue (int attribute, double value)
virtual void SetIntValue (int attribute, int value)
virtual void SetLabelValue (int attribute, const LabelProviderRef &value)
virtual void SetMagnificationValue (int attribute, const Magnification &value)
virtual ~Style ()

Static Public Member Functions

static StyleDescriptorRef GetDescriptor ()

Detailed Description

Index selectors by type and level.

The icon style allow the rendering of external images or internal symbols.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::IconStyle::IconStyle ( )
osmscout::IconStyle::IconStyle ( const IconStyle style)

Member Function Documentation

void osmscout::IconStyle::CopyAttributes ( const IconStyle other,
const std::set< Attribute > &  attributes 
StyleDescriptorRef osmscout::IconStyle::GetDescriptor ( )
std::string osmscout::IconStyle::GetIconName ( ) const
size_t osmscout::IconStyle::GetPosition ( ) const
const SymbolRef& osmscout::IconStyle::GetSymbol ( ) const
bool osmscout::IconStyle::IsVisible ( ) const
IconStyle & osmscout::IconStyle::SetIconId ( size_t  id)
IconStyle & osmscout::IconStyle::SetIconName ( const std::string &  iconName)

Referenced by SetStringValue().

IconStyle & osmscout::IconStyle::SetPosition ( size_t  position)

Referenced by SetUIntValue().

void osmscout::IconStyle::SetStringValue ( int  attribute,
const std::string &  value 

Reimplemented from osmscout::Style.

References attrIconName, and SetIconName().

IconStyle & osmscout::IconStyle::SetSymbol ( const SymbolRef symbol)

Referenced by SetSymbolValue().

void osmscout::IconStyle::SetSymbolValue ( int  attribute,
const SymbolRef value 

Reimplemented from osmscout::Style.

References attrSymbol, and SetSymbol().

void osmscout::IconStyle::SetUIntValue ( int  attribute,
size_t  value 

Reimplemented from osmscout::Style.

References attrPosition, and SetPosition().

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