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osmscout::IconStyle Class Reference

The icon style allow the rendering of external images or internal symbols. More...

#include <Styles.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for osmscout::IconStyle:

Public Types

enum  Attribute { attrSymbol, attrIconName, attrPosition }

Public Member Functions

void CopyAttributes (const IconStyle &other, const std::set< Attribute > &attributes)
size_t GetIconId () const
std::string GetIconName () const
size_t GetPosition () const
const SymbolRefGetSymbol () const
 IconStyle ()
 IconStyle (const IconStyle &style)
bool IsVisible () const
IconStyleSetIconId (size_t id)
IconStyleSetIconName (const std::string &iconName)
IconStyleSetPosition (size_t position)
void SetStringValue (int attribute, const std::string &value) override
IconStyleSetSymbol (const SymbolRef &symbol)
void SetSymbolValue (int attribute, const SymbolRef &value) override
void SetUIntValue (int attribute, size_t value) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from osmscout::Style
virtual void SetBoolValue (int attribute, bool value)
virtual void SetColorValue (int attribute, const Color &value)
virtual void SetDoubleArrayValue (int attribute, const std::vector< double > &value)
virtual void SetDoubleValue (int attribute, double value)
virtual void SetIntValue (int attribute, int value)
virtual void SetLabelValue (int attribute, const LabelProviderRef &value)
virtual void SetMagnificationValue (int attribute, const Magnification &value)
virtual ~Style ()

Static Public Member Functions

static StyleDescriptorRef GetDescriptor ()

Detailed Description

The icon style allow the rendering of external images or internal symbols.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::IconStyle::IconStyle ( )
osmscout::IconStyle::IconStyle ( const IconStyle style)

Member Function Documentation

void osmscout::IconStyle::CopyAttributes ( const IconStyle other,
const std::set< Attribute > &  attributes 
StyleDescriptorRef osmscout::IconStyle::GetDescriptor ( )
std::string osmscout::IconStyle::GetIconName ( ) const
size_t osmscout::IconStyle::GetPosition ( ) const
const SymbolRef& osmscout::IconStyle::GetSymbol ( ) const
bool osmscout::IconStyle::IsVisible ( ) const
IconStyle & osmscout::IconStyle::SetIconId ( size_t  id)
IconStyle & osmscout::IconStyle::SetIconName ( const std::string &  iconName)

Referenced by SetStringValue().

IconStyle & osmscout::IconStyle::SetPosition ( size_t  position)

Referenced by SetUIntValue().

void osmscout::IconStyle::SetStringValue ( int  attribute,
const std::string &  value 

Reimplemented from osmscout::Style.

References attrIconName, and SetIconName().

IconStyle & osmscout::IconStyle::SetSymbol ( const SymbolRef symbol)

Referenced by SetSymbolValue().

void osmscout::IconStyle::SetSymbolValue ( int  attribute,
const SymbolRef value 

Reimplemented from osmscout::Style.

References attrSymbol, and SetSymbol().

void osmscout::IconStyle::SetUIntValue ( int  attribute,
size_t  value 

Reimplemented from osmscout::Style.

References attrPosition, and SetPosition().

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