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osmscout::Style Class Reference

Interface class that offers a medium generic interface for styles classes. More...

#include <StyleDescription.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for osmscout::Style:

Public Member Functions

virtual void SetBoolValue (int attribute, bool value)
virtual void SetColorValue (int attribute, const Color &value)
virtual void SetDoubleArrayValue (int attribute, const std::vector< double > &value)
virtual void SetDoubleValue (int attribute, double value)
virtual void SetIntValue (int attribute, int value)
virtual void SetLabelValue (int attribute, const LabelProviderRef &value)
virtual void SetMagnificationValue (int attribute, const Magnification &value)
virtual void SetStringValue (int attribute, const std::string &value)
virtual void SetSymbolValue (int attribute, const SymbolRef &value)
virtual void SetUIntValue (int attribute, size_t value)
virtual ~Style ()

Detailed Description

Interface class that offers a medium generic interface for styles classes.

The interface defines methods for setting index attributes to a given value.

Used by the style sheet parser. The parser uses the StyleDescriptor to get te attribute name, type and index. Attribute values are written back to the style instance using the index.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osmscout::Style::~Style ( )

Member Function Documentation

void osmscout::Style::SetBoolValue ( int  attribute,
bool  value 

Reimplemented in osmscout::TextStyle.

void osmscout::Style::SetColorValue ( int  attribute,
const Color value 
void osmscout::Style::SetDoubleArrayValue ( int  attribute,
const std::vector< double > &  value 
void osmscout::Style::SetDoubleValue ( int  attribute,
double  value 
void osmscout::Style::SetIntValue ( int  attribute,
int  value 
void osmscout::Style::SetLabelValue ( int  attribute,
const LabelProviderRef value 
void osmscout::Style::SetMagnificationValue ( int  attribute,
const Magnification value 

Reimplemented in osmscout::TextStyle, and osmscout::FillStyle.

void osmscout::Style::SetStringValue ( int  attribute,
const std::string &  value 

Reimplemented in osmscout::IconStyle, and osmscout::FillStyle.

void osmscout::Style::SetSymbolValue ( int  attribute,
const SymbolRef value 
void osmscout::Style::SetUIntValue ( int  attribute,
size_t  value 

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